“The process of painting – from beginning to completion of an artwork –is like the process of life. The ultimate moment of producing work, artist becomes a potter, and canvas, clay.”

“Then, a blank canvas goes through molding, painting, etching, filling, etc., with the hands of creator and transforms into an art piece.

Every layer of color and textures within the paintings reflects an unobvious adventure that continuously searches for an answer like life.

Each layer represents moment of memory, thought, or spirit of the artist, and gives its breath, then all together, builds its life. By creating and giving a meaning of existing, artist sees struggles of life because it deals the same issues, searching for a reason, answer, and/or truth of being, from birth to death.

Every individual is responsible for his or her own life, and build up their life by living day to day. In fact, living creates a life. Therefore, potter’s hands do not only refer to artist, but also to those who create life.”

The artist, Song Yi Song, refers the insight of a life to reveal the underneath or/and hidden messages below the main flow in a daily life, which brings one look closer at the reason for existing. Her works propose viewer to look the realm of profound spirituality, the inside of one-self to maintain a solid root in life. The life of decision, how to live it? The answer is in the potter’s hands.