Spring 2024

Winter 2023-2024

Cecilia Choi, A Solo Exposition
January 24th to January 28th

The 8th Myeong-Dong International Art Festival, A Group Exhibition
December 15th to January 6th

Michel Beaucage, A Solo Exhibition
September 22nd to October 21st

K-ART, A Group Exhibition
November 3rd to November 15th

Miae Ham, A Solo Exhibition
November 17th to November 29th

Let Figuration Go Free, A Group Exhibition
March 14th to March 30th

Prélude au carré, A Group Exhibition
April 4th to April 20th

Youjung Jang, A Solo Exhibition
April 25th to May 4th

Yong Sook Kim-Lambert, A Solo Exhibition
September 8th to September 20th

Fall-Winter 2023

Year-End Group Exhibition: Holiday Edition
December 15th to January 6th

Young Soon Wang, A Solo Exhibition (On View)
May 9th to May 22nd